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This canvas print is a reproduction of an original painting that was inspired by the recently (April 2022) recorded performance by Julian Lennon of John Lennon's song Imagine. Julian Lennon was himself inspired by the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine. In his words: “The War on Ukraine is an unimaginable tragedy... As a human, and as an artist, I felt compelled to respond in the most significant way I could.

"So today, for the first time ever, I publicly performed my Dad’s song, IMAGINE.

"Why now, after all these years? - I had always said, that the only time I would ever consider singing ‘IMAGINE' would be if it was the ‘End of the World’…

"But also because his lyrics reflect our collective desire for peace worldwide. Because within this song, we’re transported to a space, where love and togetherness become our reality, if but for a moment in time…

"The song reflects the light at the end of the tunnel, that we are all hoping for..."

This unique canvas print is available in two sizes:

60 x 40 cm (24" x 16")
90 x 60 cm (36" x 24")

N.B. Canvas prints are 2 cm (0.75 inch) in depth except for those supplied to the USA which are 4 cm (1.5 inches) in depth.

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